Become a practitioner of Dynamical neurofeedback Neuroptimal

Become a neurofeedback practitioner too dynamique™. A true vocation and passion for service and improving the quality of life of others.

As the official representative of the neurofeedback method dynamique™ in Israel using the Neuroptimal® system, the NeuroSense Institute offers training* to become a practitioner. The training will give you the necessary notions and tools to be able to apply and practice the system for you and your clients. Contact us for more information and registration.

What Neurosense offers you as part of the training:

√ Software and computer of the corresponding level to perform NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback sessions.

√ Theoretical and practical training by Neuropractors with extensive experience with all types of clients.

√ A permanent follow-up and updating

√ An official and recognized certification of “wellness provider” (practitioner) of the Neuroptimal® method (by the designers)*.

√ Remote logistical and IT support

√ A 100% financing possibility for equipment + training

√ Participation in an association of experienced Neuropractors

*Caution: some practitioners and individuals offer unrecognised and unofficial training and certification.

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