You're a therapist?

Neuroscience is helping us to accelerate and improve the process of therapy

聽As therapists, there are situations where we treat patients who have difficulty moving forward, and the treatment takes longer and the process takes much longer than expected (for us but also for the patient). Our tools and methods do not always (or sufficiently) respond in these cases. Sometimes you get the feeling that something is “stuck” and that you are (almost) doing something “on the spot”.
Moreover, there are patients who are in a stage of their life where they do not necessarily have the psychic capacity to want to bump into or “pierce” a deep and painful inner content. This point prevents them from accessing treatment and therapy and from achieving the much sought-after well-being.
Responding as quickly and effectively as possible to the many and various difficulties and to all our patients, speeding up the processes of care and seeing the smile, satisfaction, motivation and liberation, and finally seeing our patients take on a new life, slowly leaving behind the pain and difficulty that has accompanied them for so long and imperatively see crucial as a therapist.
We invite you to experiment the Dynamic Neurofeedback method and allow your patients, whatever their age, difficulties or disabilities, to overcome the lack of performance of brain activity and to overcome the difficulties in a fast and effective way.聽