Neurofeedback, is a brain training method 
that allows us to learn how to optimize our brain activity 
in order to improve our health and performance.



"You can't imagine how much your brain can do for you."

The method

Neurofeedback, is a non-invasive and natural brain training method that uses the brain’s ability to reorganize its activity and self-regulate itself, thus optimizing our brain activity to improve our health and performance.

"Be a better version of yourself."

Dynamical neurofeedback

Dynamic neurofeedback uses the NeurOptimal® system, which is based on the same dynamic characteristics of the brain. This feat of technology is made possible by complex algorithms, the result of the experience and development of two scientists: Dr. Val and Sue Brown.
In fact, the system calls upon the learning capacity of our brain, which possesses its own resources, and which will enable it to regain greater resilience and thus acquire stability and a better ability to adapt to the changes (internal and external) that are inevitable and continuous in any living being.

"Natural, non-invasive method, no risk or side effects."

The benefits

Dynamic neurofeedback has a global effect and therefore has many applications. Indeed, by following its intervention priorities and as the sessions progress, the brain corrects its own dysfunctions, which has the effect of reorganizing the brain’s activity to return to the “present” moment thanks to the reorientation effect. 

The benefits obtained can be both psychological and physiological. Notably more resilience, strength, energy, calm, performance, attention, concentration, well-being, balance, serenity and much more…

"This is brain training, not medical treatment. Does not require diagnosis."

Flow of the session

During the session you are comfortably seated in a chair and listen to music or watch a video.  Electrodes placed on the scalp will measure the cortical electrical activity which will detect a change or a variation of the signal (slow, fast, strong, weak, sudden etc…) in real time and interrupt briefly the sound which, even if inaudible, will be relevant for the brain which will react to this information.
You don’t have to concentrate or force yourself to hear or see. You can close your eyes and sleep. During this time, your brain perceives the interruptions unconsciously and reorganizes itself. 
Because it is non-invasive and progressive, dynamic neurofeedback is suitable for all ages and for everyone.

"Suitable for all ages and for everyone."

Become a Dynamic Neurofeedback Practitioner/Wellness provider

Become a neurofeedback practitioner too dynamique™. A true vocation and passion for service and improving the quality of life of others.
Neurosense and the official training center of the Neuroptimal System. Benefit from support and training as well as the official certificate issued by the founders and designers of the method.

"A gentle transformation back to our true nature."

Rental the system

Take advantage of renting the Neuroptimal® system for home or professional use.
Without having to travel and at any time, you can comfortably perform sessions for yourself, your family, or even your clients while saving on the cost of the sessions. 

Did you know that only 2% of our nervous system is chemical? The rest of the nervous system - 98% are electrical!

A , a 23-year-old woman, has several seizures a week. After 6 sessions, she has only one or two. Eventually, the seizures stopped for good. For two years now, the seizures have not returned.
Withdrawal - Communication Problem
Little E. 12 years old who was unable to express herself and communicate even with her family and friends and who after 4 sessions opened herself up to those around her, this was reinforced with the following sessions.
Severe sleep and concentration disorders
Esther 29 years old who suffered from attention deficit disorder as well as severe sleep disorders, only managing to sleep 1 to 2 hours a night. After two sessions, she tells me that for the first time in years, she fell asleep all week at 23:00 until the morning.
Rivkah .28 years old had failed the driving test several times. She said she was a good driver but was afraid of traffic, cars and pedestrians. After 5 sessions the instructor did not recognize her. She drives safely and comfortably. After the 6th session she feels ready and gets her driving test.
הפרעות שינה Mrs. Aaron. has been suffering from sleep disorders for years. Difficulty falling asleep, then intermittent sleep interruptions. After 2 sessions, she still says she is looking for sleep but is pleasantly surprised to sleep continuously until she wakes up. After 7 sessions she sleeps continuously every night and is able to fall asleep more quickly. Curious about the method but also septic, she has seen her general condition improve over the sessions.Translated with (free version)
Mrs. levy. can't bear to look for her words, to forget too many things. After 5 sessions, she confided to me that she was already much more focused and more "in the present", as if more refocused. This makes it easier for her in her work and personal life.
The little 5 year old boy who, in addition to being very agitated and could not hold still, could not tell his parents about the day spent at the Gan and even less about the stories or the paracha of the week. After 3 sessions the Ganenet finds it much calmer, he can sit down and listen to a story until the end, his concentration has improved. At the 7th session and to the great joy of his parents he started to tell the paracha at the Shabbat table.
Mr. G., in his fourth session, said he was taking control of his emotions. Impulsivity has given way to taking a step back and letting go. Both in everyday events and in his relationship with others, and feels more calm and "no longer on edge".


NeurOptimal® Explainer Video
NeurOptimal® Explainer Video
NeurOptimal® - The World's First & Only Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training System
NeurOptimal® - The World's First & Only Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training System
This is Your Brain on NeurOptimal®
This is Your Brain on NeurOptimal®
Reportage sur le neurofeedback dynamique
Reportage sur le neurofeedback dynamique
"Because of NeurOptimal....."
"Because of NeurOptimal....."
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NeurOptimal® Moms: Chantal
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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback for Anxiety and Stress Management
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Depression - How NeurOptimal Helps